• $140 per night for 2 people breakfast inclusive
  • $ 40 per night each extra person breakfast inclusive
  • $ 25 per person for main evening meal and dessert
  • $ 15 per person for lunch either on premises or picnic lunch

P.S.   There are no Cafes open for evening meals but the Little River Hotel does do bar meals




One thought on “Tariffs

  1. My partner, Hamish, and I felt like a last minute, quick getaway a couple of weekends ago. Life, as always, was speeding by and we hadn’t managed to catch our breath since Christmas! Both living and working in Christchurch, we needed somewhere close by, that felt like a million miles away.. somewhere we could forget about the ‘daily hustle and bustle’. We remembered that some friends had recommended Bernadette’s Retreat and so we decided to pack an over night bag and off we went…

    After a short drive, through rolling hills, we arrived in Little River. The white cottage, carefully placed amongst the hills, welcomed us with the smell of freshly baked orange and chocolate muffins.

    Bernie was a fantastic host and our private room was chic, clean and peaceful. We chatted, watched the rugby, laughed and shared stories of our most recent travels.

    It really was home away from home!

    Annabel and Hamish

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